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The Prime Minister - Rattan Mann

Novel (English), published November 2013 (ePUB, ISBN 9788293210115)


The book:

Indian author, mathematician and physicist Rattan Mann, started writing The Prime Minister more than twenty years ago, in Sweden. He continued in India and Norway, and finished the first draft in Lapland, among the Lap people of the high north. New drafts were written in Greece and Romania, and final touches applied in the United States and Sri Lanka.

The Prime Minister is allegorical in method, and transfigures its setting and fictional world in ways that can be associated with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Toni Morrison. If attempting to label it, magical realism would perhaps be the closest fit, with its use of violence, institutional madness, rumors changing into objective facts, ghosts and proletarian, revolutionary utopias. The basic premise of the novel, as described by one reader: The Spirit of Man survives in spite of the lies, wild exaggerations, and excesses of politicians, social engineers and military High Commands.

The Prime Minister was nominated for Brit Writer's Award for Best Novel 2012.


The author:

Rattan Mann was born in 1945 in Alipur, Delhi, and is currently residing in Oslo, Norway.

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