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Mottak State of Mind - Nathan Haddis Mogos

Novel (English), published October 2014 (ePUB, ISBN 9788293210139)


The book:

Much has been said and written about immigration politics in Western Europe, but in his debut novel Mottak state of mind, Nathan Haddish Mogos represents a voice that has not been heard, until now. Written from the unique perspective of an Eritrean refugee, this is the first novel from inside a Norwegian refugee institution, where people from different countries, religions and cultures all wait for the same thing: permission to stay and start a new life.

The novel depicts the dark and difficult thoughts and emotional struggles of refugees coming to one of the wealthiest countries in the World, often erupting in powerful and violent confrontations, when hope turns to restless frustration and sense of uselessness.

Note from the author: This book is a work of fiction, inspired by my troubled past and forced migration throughout Africa and Europe. None of the characters in this book are real, and any similarity is by coincidence.


The author:

Nathan Haddis Mogos studied literature and English at a university in Ethiopia, but his parents being Eritrean, they lost everything in the war between the two countries in 1998, and was deported to Eritrea. Since then his perilous escape through several African countries led him to a refugee institution in the tiny Norwegian town of Harstad, far above the Arctic Circle. He stayed their almost two years before the Norwegian government granted him asylum . Nathan currently resides in the Northern Norwegian town of Tromsoe.




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